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Meetings Millennials Want

In the introduction to our Millennial Movement Series, we briefly touched on what Millennials want from meetings.

In case you missed the introduction, here is a quick summary:

Millennials want to hear about networking opportunities, personalized education, and insight on career paths. They respond best to transparency, clear objectives, and a connection to “what’s in it for them.”

Keep this in mind as we take a deeper dive into what appeals to Millennials so you can have a stronger grasp on how to engage, motivate, and empower these pivotal employees by maximizing the value stemming from your meetings and corporate events.

The Human Factor

The number one thing to keep in mind when gearing meetings towards the needs of Millennials is the value this group puts on face-to-face opportunities that will help them propel their careers forward.

When you’re in the planning phase, consider using pre-event assessments and surveys to gauge attendees’ interests and goals. Use this information to pair participants in small group situations that will allow them to build new relationships. Try not just to match groups based on similarities. Instead, factor in unique differences, such as pairing junior and senior employees, or attendees from distinctive backgrounds, to ensure they haven’t already interacted with one another.

Use social media tools and apps that let event organizers and owners better communicate with attendees as well as pave the way for participants to interact with one another. Examples include Bizzabo, which lets users see the conference agenda and message other attendees, set up face-to-face meetings, receive suggestions of personalized business opportunities, and integrate the app with their social media accounts to keep in touch with the people they meet at events.

Enhance networking opportunities by offering interludes during meetings and corporate events.

The key here is to keep your meeting interactive and driven by the human element.

Provide Choices and Flexibility

Millennials value a sense of choice and autonomy, which is a major component leading them to be innovative, willing to embrace change, and creative.

Consider this when designing your next corporate event.

Give Millennials the freedom to choose everything, from which small groups they’ll participate in, to their food and beverage options.

You can also integrate a sense of personalization into meetings by letting participants drive the discussion. Use opportunities for interaction, feedback, and questions as a way to determine the direction the meeting will take.

Millennials grew up using tools like social media and have come to expect to the ability to voice their opinion. They appreciate chances for collaboration, sharing, and rethinking conventional concepts.

Bring Social Elements into the Mix

We all know, Millennials are incredibly comfortable with social media and digital technology. So why not bring this into your meetings? Just be careful not to replace the essential human component.

Use social media as a way to enhance meeting content and objectives, rather than having it dominate meetings.

You can use social tools to take live polls and get a feel for what the audience is thinking, include gamification throughout sessions, or create a hashtag that can be used to Tweet and post on what’s happening during an event.

Embracing the Millennial Viewpoint

Millennials are a unique generation. They have a fresh, innovative approach to the workplace and how meetings are conducted.

They crave the opportunity to build relationships that can create a sound basis for their line of business. They want meetings that challenge them, interest them, and are a way to enhance their career.

This generation is desperately trying to navigate their way through the business world. And it may come as a surprise to you, but they value advice from their superiors. Millennials want mentors.

Our next article in this series will go over how to utilize meetings to break down communication barriers between different generations and ultimately bridge the skills gap.

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