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Why dynami?

Because you want your next event to be an experience.



When it comes to meetings and conventions, no matter what size, the investment is substantial. The payoff needs to be as well. We focus not only on where we can save money, but also where we can drive top and bottom line growth as a result of your event.

Although changes happen, we ensure it is only with your full knowledge and agreement. We even determine the right contingency for your event to ensure you have the ability to reallocate funds effectively if a situation requires it.

While live events can be full of surprises, we believe that your final bill shouldn’t one of them.



Our creative moves audiences to action

This happens when every touch point delivers a cohesive and compelling message, from pre-event communications, to the registration experience, the content, entertainment, food and post-event follow-up.

We have ad agency-level designers, concert-level production teams and access to the hottest new talent. We are devoted to placing the right creative solution to tell your story with the most impact possible.

Fresh ideas, innovative approaches and inspiring execution ensures creative delivers on its promises.


We’ve got chemistry

Choosing a company based on the right chemistry is difficult to quantify, but often it is the deciding factor. It is why we value the opportunity to meet you face-to-face, ask questions, tell stories, and really dig deep into what is of the most importance to your team.

When you feel we “get” you, and will act as an extension of your culture, then a bond is formed.

That’s where the real chemistry happens.



We’ve got over a century of expertise between us

Our expertise provides access to the top resources, best practices, management processes and inventive solutions.

But that’s just half the story.

The rest of the story is how we apply that expertise daily on your behalf, practicing, refining and building our expertise so we can share everything we have learned with you, so your events continue to grow and evolve right along with us.


Our Process is proven to deliver

You need a team who listens more than they talk, is empowered to take ownership and guides you through the hurdles with confidence.

But how can you know a company is right for you before you actually work with them? Get to know their process.

Our proven 5-step process maximizes engagement, minimizes risk and delivers results.



This is your event.
We ensure you succeed brilliantly.

For high-impact events that are customized to your objectives and your brand, dynami group is your meeting engagement expert.

With decades of expertise designing and creating experiences, we wow audiences, reach meeting goals and inspire audiences into action.

Sales Conferences | Incentive Programs | Product Launches | Road Shows | Training Meetings | Franchise Meetings

Don’t just do an event. Let’s create an incredible experience.

We’ll keep them on the edge of their seats.