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‘Tis the season to… Chill. Here’s your chance!

Hanukah began yesterday and we’re less than two weeks from Christmas Day. Yikes!

Instincts tell us to hit the panic button, update the To Do List, plan the menu, get those cards in the mail before it’s too late, and, and, and, and

And chill. That’s right, chill.

For weeks, retailers have bombarded us all with Pre-Black Friday Blowout Bargains, Black Friday Deals & Steals, Cyber Monday Madness, and “He went to Jared”. (Ever notice they never actually tell us if “he” bought anything?). Late-November until New Year’s Day is a whirling, swirling wash of spending, decorating, baking, wrapping, and operating in overdrive even though our bodies remind us the tank is running low. It’s no wonder the holiday season that flew by coincides with “flu season”.

My friends, ‘tis the season to … chill.

You’ve doubtless been so busy decking the halls, dashing through the snow, going over the river and through the woods, jingling bells, and letting it snow, letting it snow, letting it snow that you haven’t had time to truly enjoy the magic and wonderment of the holiday season, whichever holiday you prefer to celebrate. Beyond the crunch of commercialism, the holidays are a time to look around, take stock, and reflect on the many blessings we all enjoy. Family, friends, good health, prosperity, or simply being grateful for … right now. This moment. Now.

Someone wise once said, “When you have one foot in the past and the other in the future, you’re leaping over the present.” Another wise man said, “Yesterday has passed, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Today is a gift. That’s why they call it the ‘present’.” Even Piglet from Winnie the Pooh gets it.

“What day is it,” asked Pooh.

“It’s today, my favorite day!” squealed Piglet.

At dynami, we want to take a moment to say thank you to all who’ve joined us on our blog journey this year. We’ve shared perspectives on industry trends, emerging technology and gadgetry, some How To’s, and occasionally a personal story or experience. The goal of our bi-weekly blogposts is to deliver to you a periodic “mini-holiday”, a 3-5-minute respite from the daily grind, in hopes you’ll walk away having gained something useful – a nugget of wisdom, insight, a new perspective, a “heads up!”, or maybe just a chuckle. We are always open to blog topic recommendations. If there’s something you’d like to know more about, please let us know!

If we’ve had the opportunity to partner on a project this year, allow us to thank you again. If not, know that we’re eager to co-create your next awesome meeting or event. We’re just a phone call or email away!

CLICK HERE for an assortment of fascinating facts and incredible imagery. The collection is called “Weird World” but I see it more as “Wonderful World.” I hope you’ll take five minutes to sit back, breathe, and enjoy a “mini-holiday”.

You deserve a break. You deserve to enjoy this moment.


Amid all your holiday-related activities that have you rushing around like mad men and women, be sure to build in some quiet time to relax, reflect and simply … chill.

Happy holidays!