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Biz, Kids & Self … Three Suggestions for You in 2024

Ordinarily, in January each year, we highlight some of the unique products at the wildly popular and sometimes bizarre Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas … but we’ve decided to call a timeout this time around. I mean, how many more teasers do you need about foldable flip phones, robots that grill burgers, wearables that conduct a daily urinalysis, and AI-everything?

Instead, we’re taking a page from the Mind | Body | Spirit book and we’d like to highlight three companies that tend to Business | Kids | Wellbeing. Let’s start with biz …


Over the past 40 years, video has ingrained itself deeply into the business mainstream. It’s a critically necessary tool for delivering key messaging, rallying troops, and connecting with consumers and customers in a timely manner, especially as the number of video-friendly platforms expands [i.e., laptops, computers, smartphones, tablets, wearables, AR/VR, smart TVs, and who knows what’s next].

But video production and post-production can be so time-consuming and so expensive! And who’s got time or money to burn these days? Tavus to the rescue!

As the only video personalization platform with the power to take what you record once — no more “Cut! Take 7 and … go!” – Tavus transforms it into countless AI-generated videos, each customized with unique variables allow you to tailor your connection to an individual customer, inspiring loyalty long after your finger hits the “Send” button on your keyboard.

Tavus touts its three primary drivers:

Personality — We believe the strongest connections are personal. Instead of avatars or studio-style productions, Tavus helps you make 1-to-1 videos that are realistic enough to send to a best friend.

Versatility — Create unique variables – single words or entire sentences. It’s up to you. Incorporate personalized videos into your automated workflows

Scalability — With Tavus, you can generate a million videos in the time it takes to create one. And when each video connects with its viewer in a personal and relevant way … ? We’re talking about astronomical ROI!

So, there you go, a late holiday gift for you – high-quality, personalized video messaging, extra time, and more money left in your budget. Check it out!

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Every parent who has ever changed a diaper knows the worry associated with your child’s academic achievement … from early grade school through high school graduation. In this case, it’s Kira Learning to the rescue.

Kira builds the tools, curriculum and related support to empower K-12 students and computer science educators along their journey to tech mastery in a rapidly accelerating, competitive, tech-crazed world. Keeping up has never been more challenging for students, but some struggle more than others.

Kira’s vision is to create high-quality, relevant content, tools, and support, allowing young learners to achieve mastery in Computer Science. Students learn how to code [Hey, learn coding now and you’ll have a job for life!], understand how pervasive and necessary coding is in today’s world, and how to keep pace as society and tech evolve.

Check out Kira and you might just give your child an edge in the classroom … and in life!

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Let’s just put it out there: For all the wonderful things about women, sometimes it just sucks being female. Personal safety concerns are more significant for women than they are for men … by a country mile. And it can be emotionally draining [being a male, I’m told].

Are those footsteps behind me …?

Is this route safe or is there a better lighted way home …?

Am I OK opening the door for the pizza delivery guy when I’m home alone …?

Statistics show that nearly 1 in 4 women [and 1 in 7 men] is the victim of a face-to-face criminal encounter at least once in their lifetime. Many of these emergencies happen in close proximity to friends and family, but often there simply isn’t enough time to quickly and discreetly dial 911 or a friend’s cell number to come to your aid.

The founders of  InvisaWear® envisioned a variety of wearable jewelry for women and men that also serves as a means of connecting with those who can help in a potential emergency situation; going far beyond a mini-canister of mace or a panic button on a keychain.

By creating a lifelink to nearby family and friends, InvisaWear® enables people – women, especially – to say “yes” to all the wonderful experiences life can offer. And do it with safety, confidence, and the freedom we all deserve.

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing. For your good or the good of a loved one, check out InvisaWear®.

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So, there you have it: Three nuggets to consider for your business, your kids, and your personal well-being as we move deeper into 2024. Depending on how CES plays out, we may touch on a couple of relevant/quirky innovations that emerge from the year’s biggest tech convention in next month’s blog. Until then, all of us at dynami wish you and those nearest and dearest to you a happy, prosperous, safe and healthy 2024. Happy New Year!


Kenneth Jones