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The Millennial Movement

It’s happening all around us. Millennials are entering their prime and impacting the way we consume, interact, and work. In 2015, Millennials took the lead as the largest generation represented in today’s workforce. Now employers are trying to figure out how to attract, retain, and grow this generation.

The result – The Millennial Movement.

Understanding The Millennial Movement comes from appreciating how the world was when they grew up. At a formative age, Millennials experienced the Technology Boom. They were born between the early 1980’s and early 2000’s. This group watched lives change as the impossible became possible. Millennials are the best-educated generation in American history. They also have a strong sense of global awareness.

Innovative by nature, Millennials have been responsible for 160,000 startups a month (Study by US Chamber of Commerce). To them, any hurdle can be overcome with a quick Google search. And if they don’t find an answer via the internet, they seek to create a solution.

My experience has led me to see Millennials as a misunderstood generation. Their higher level education sold them on an idea that their degrees would give them their pick of jobs, only to graduate into a job market suffering from one of the largest economic downturns. Nowadays, solid education and strong work ethic don’t always translate to job security. It’s a reality that has left Millennials unwilling to compromise their quality of life for a career. Their lack of patience stems from growing up in the “get it now” era but also from a race against time. Millennials are trying to make up for the slow start had at the beginning of their careers.

Today, Millennials see less value in advanced degrees or longevity with one company. They believe networking and industry education are the fastest methods for professional growth. This perspective puts meetings in the power seat for attracting, retaining, and growing Millennials.

“How?” you ask.

The answer is simple. You connect the objectives of your meeting to the motivations of your audience.

Many organizations forget the importance of marketing to their audience. A costly mistake when trying to reach Millennials. For this group, you will want to communicate how your meeting will help them grow. Millennials want to hear about networking opportunities, personalized education, and insight on career paths. They respond best to transparency, clear objectives, and a connection to “what’s in it for them.”

I hope you enjoyed the introduction to our mini-series on The Millennial Movement. Stay tuned for best practices on engaging, motivating, and empowering Millennials through corporate meetings and events.

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Until next time!