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A Little About Event Tech, A Little About Julie Thompson-Whelan

It’s summertime and, for many, a chance to ease off the throttle a bit, catch your breath and gear up for the second half of the year. In the spirit of summer fun, our bi-weekly blogposts will lighten up as bit, as well. We’ll deliver more short-form info that’s quicker to read, easier to digest, and, well, fun. We’ll also give you a quick glimpse into the lives and minds of  some of our team members.

But first, let’s spend a couple minutes on biz …


AR, VR, AI … to many, it’s all alphabet soup. But to those of us involved in the corporate meetings and events industry, it’s the future. Exciting things are happening in technology and we wanted to top-line a few for you. Today, let’s focus on Virtual Reality (VR)…

The next best thing to being there

Virtual Reality (VR) has been around a while but has either been too “out there” or too pricey for many. That’s changing. Actually, cost of VR is coming down while functionality and application is on the rise. VR is rapidly changing the way we interact with our clients, select meeting and event venues, and execute program design.

With nothing more than a pair of VR goggles that work on Apple and Android platforms, as well as an associated app, you can actually tour a venue in vivid, 3-D clarity and detail from the comfort of your own home or office. (Please, not while driving!) This comes in very handy when time is tight and you simply can’t break away to do a site visit but really need to nail down the perfect space for your upcoming corporate meeting or event.

Tradeshow Managers, especially those exhibiting automobiles or heavy equipment, can cut down the enormous footprint they traditionally have needed to hawk their wares, in favor of VR stations that whisk booth attendees away to the autobahn in a sleek new sports car, or to the middle of an Iowa cornfield aboard a new, state-of-the-art tractor.

VR also allows meeting and event planners to create a virtual meeting or event space, including stage set, lighting configurations, seating arrangements, room décor, etc. then share it with a client on the other side of the country. It wasn’t too long ago, renderings drawn with colored ink pens were considered de regueur. Clients are now able to react to space designs, tweak this, move that, add or reduce seating and – voila! – you’ve got an approval.

This big ol’ world of ours is getting smaller every day … and VR is an awesome way to bridge the miles, reduce time and costs, and expedite the approval process. It’s sort of like being immersed in your own real-life video game!

Ten Things About Julie Thompson-Whelan You Probably Didn’t Know …

  • I live in Suwanee, GA, about 30 miles NE of Atlanta though I’m originally a Carolina Girl (South Carolina, that is). I earned my B.A. degree with a concentration in Hospitality & Tourism from College of Charleston and, while I love my alma mater, I’m a huge Clemson University fan.
  • I’ve been married nearly six years and I still think he’s awesome.
  • With the exception of fine folks like you, I sorta prefer the company of dogs to people,  especially chihuahuas which I rescue (#adoptdontshop). At least chihuahuas have an excuse for yapping incessantly!
  • Speaking of dogs … I actually shared a dog for a decade with my best friend.  And as a total side note, don’t ever ask a dog (who really isn’t a “good dog”) who’s on his deathbed to send you the lovely, sweet and kind dog you’re supposed to have. I ended up with one that made me realize the first one wasn’t so bad, after all.
  • “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy …” This “Bess” intends to spend as much time cruisin’ the waters of Lake Lanier on my jet ski or aboard our boat during the summer months.
  • I hate raw onions and weeds … which, in my mind are one in the same.
  • It’s one thing to have younger sisters but my two “little sisters” are 16 and 18 years younger than me!
  • I’m on the Production Team at Gwinnett Church (#forgwinnett).
  • I’ve reviewed and edited more than 3,000 slides for clients this year … and it’s only June!
  • ¡En agosto, me voy a Cuba! (In August, I’m headed to Cuba!) And I fully plan to blog the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly about my experience. Please don’t ask me to smuggle home some cigars. I prefer life outside a jail cell. (I mean, they don’t allow chihuahuas or jet skis in jail and they’d probably make me eat onions while pulling weeds!)
  • (Kenneth Jones, my boss, made me include this): “Julie’s personal commitment to quality  is obvious in everything she does. Her extra effort, dedication, insights and opinions are all extremely valuable to the successful undertakings of the dynami group. She’s our Chief Get-It-Done Officer!”

Me, again (Julie).

If you look closely, you can see me raising a pint of Summer Shandy in your honor; wishing all of you a safe and celebratory Fourth of July holiday and an absolutely awesome summer!


Virtual Reality (VR) is an awesome way to bridge the miles, reduce time and costs, and expedite the approval process. It’s like being immersed in your own real-life video game!

Till next time,