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4 Essential Apps for Event Professionals

Did you know Apple adds an average of 1,000+ apps a day to their app store?

My first thought when I heard that number was, “Oh the possibilities…”

Mobile technology has come a long way since the iPhone’s release in 2007. Now, nine years later, I can’t imagine life without my mobile devices. They are what allow me to be more efficient in all aspects of my life, especially when it comes to managing events.

In a world where we are all striving to be more resourceful and effective with our time, it’s important to stay up to date with any tools that can help us do just that.

Here are four apps to help event professionals stay organized and find more time in their day.

  1. Evernote – The NEW Notebook
    1. Heavy 4” binders are a thing of the past. Today, I use Evernote as a mobile filing system. It can manage everything from venue research to contracts to presentations. You can even, seamlessly update and share notes with your team across multiple devices. The basic app is free.
  2. WhatsApp – Global Communication
    1. WhatsApp keeps you connected from anywhere in the world. You can send messages, share photos, and make clear phone calls all over wifi. Roughly 3-4 years ago, we introduced this app to an incentive client’s group recommending they download it for the trip. We advised attendees to give the information to babysitters, spouses, colleagues, etc. Participants freaked out. They loved it! And mind you, this was when the app only featured texting. Today over 450 million use WhatsApp all around the world. Free app.
  3. Google Translate – Your Translator
    1. Google Translate can help you interpret different languages. You can use your camera to translate text instantly. Google translate assists with two-way automatic speech translation. It will even let you star and save translations for future reference. Recently, we organized an event for a client in Panama, and one of the attendees was suffering from a migraine. Our VP, Julie, left the hotel to find a local pharmacy for the attendee. She was able to use this app to help locate the right medicine as well as translate the instructions for the dosage. Free app.
  4. IF by IFTTT – Your Connector
    1. IFTTT stands for “If This Then That.” It is a free service that saves event professionals time by automating connections between your apps. The idea is you set up a trigger with a corresponding task, known as a recipe. For example, create a push notification to your phone if a particular email address sends you a message while you are out of the office. Set up a Twitter search term and have the results sent to your Evernote, this can help you keep track of comments from attendees at your event. Another fun use was shared with me by a friend. They set up a recipe so that every time their company name gets tweeted the lights in their house flash. IF by IFTTT lets you get creative and save time by automating as many tasks as possible. Free app.

There you have it. Four essential apps all event professionals should be using. If you are just hearing about any of these for the first time, be sure to check them out and let us know what you think.

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Until next time!