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CES 2016 Inspires Innovation in Event Technology

On January 9, 2016 the 39th Consumer Electronic Show came to a close. Leaving 170,000+ attendees buzzing with ideas on how current and future event technology could not only change the way we conduct business but also the way we live our daily lives.

From the EHang 184 drone capable of flying a person up to 220 lbs to the Microsoft Hololens merging the virtual world with reality to Samsung’s Modular Display, exhibitors at CES did not disappoint.

So what does any of this have to do with planning corporate meetings or events? Everything!

There is no better place to look than CES for innovative ideas on ways to enhance the guest experience at your meeting or event. With new and improved ways to deliver messaging, connect attendees, collect and track data, state of the art audio/visual equipment, and unique wow factors to build excitement… It’s an innovators playground!

Here are companies whose trending products have our creative team buzzing:

  1. RadBeacon proximity beacons by Radius Networks, Inc:
    1. Since arriving on the scene in 2013, beacon technology has come a long way. For those not familiar with beacons, they are transmitters that can notify mobile devices within a predefined range of the beacon. A technology that has offered innovative solutions for indoor navigation, automatic ticketing, guided tours, and location relevant offers. This year the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) utilized beacon technology to implement a scavenger hunt, indoor navigation, and end-user messaging to attendees who downloaded their CES App.
  2. ChefJet Pro by 3D Systems:
    1. ChefJet Pro debuted at CES 2014 as the first professional 3D food printer. Over the last two years there have been several advancements which led to partnerships with Hershey’s Chocolate and The Culinary Institute of America. We are predicting the rise of printed cakes, candies, and logo-emblazoned sugar cubes amongst the catering industry in 2016.
  3. App Showdown Finalist – Gloopt:
    1. Gloopt was one the finalist for the CES 2016 App Showdown. In under three minutes, Gloopt showcased how their app can be used to create one minute branded videos that include clickable call to actions all from your iPhone. The app provides a share button which populates a link allowing you to send your video through a private message or post to social media. We see Gloopt being a great content marketing tool for building excitement before, during, and after events.
  4. Flexible OLED Display by LG:
    1. The concept of flexible displays have been a talking point for other big brands such as Sony, Samsung, and Sharp. However, it appears LG is the first to move past the point of concept with their OLED technology. Still a prototype, LG showed off their 18-inch screen capable of rolling up like a newspaper at CES 2016. LG foresees the new screens being used as tablets or for wrapping around interior spaces. Lightweight, portable, flexible screens could certainly have a huge impact on the way we stage our events.

In conclusion, the CES show floor ranged from products reminiscent of a scene from the Jetsons to modernized twists on retro items like turntables. There were no new ground breaking technologies this year, simply advancements made to existing concepts. Which leads us to believe we’ve barely scratched the surface on how these tools can be utilized within the Event Industry.

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Until next time!