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There’s Plenty of Goodness Among The Madness. Here’s What Team Dynami Has Noticed…

There’s a big difference between being behind life’s wheel and being forced to “ride shotgun”.

Members of the dynami team and many of our clients, whether they prefer to or not, have had the opportunity to ease away from the usual chaotic pace of today’s world and drink in a lot of the goodness among the madness. Here’s some of what we’ve observed…

For nearly two months now, a certain “invisible enemy” has been doing the driving which is hardly what any of us wanted. But, hey, along the way, we’ve learned there are some real benefits to riding along. You’re able to sit back, relax a bit, and cast your gaze out the window to take in the surroundings. You see things you wouldn’t have otherwise because, when you’re behind the wheel, you’re always on high alert for the texting knucklehead who’s drifting into your lane.

So, taking a page from the Making Lemonade Out of Lemons playbook, here are some things we’ve observed and truly hope will stand the test of time and endure long after we get back to associating Corona with a relaxing afternoon on a perfect beach somewhere in paradise … with a juicy wedge of fresh lime, of course!

In their eyes and in their words, here we go!

JULIE THOMPSON WHELAN, Vice President of Operations and Production

What I’ve observed during these crazy times and hope will endure…

  • I’ve been forced to slow down. On my drive to South Carolina a couple of weekends ago, I listened to one of my favorite podcasts [The Upside, co-hosted by Callie and Jeff Dauler].  I used to listen at 1.5x speed because I just didn’t have time for the whole thing, otherwise.  It was nice to ease things back a bit, really hear their interplay, and not feel like I was listening to chipmunks!
  • I know I’m not alone in this, but I’m in workout pants all day, every day!  I made it 58 days before I had to get dressed up in jeans.
  • I’m talking to my neighbors more. [Yes, even more.] Everyone is out walking these days so it’s perfectly safe to have a safe conversation across the street.  All bets are off though when there’s a dog I can pet!

And on a side note …

Speaking of dogs, I asked my husband, Jeff, what one thing he enjoyed most about the past 60 days.  His response?  Spending more time with the dog. I thought, for sure, it would be me cooking so much or being home more often [I’m on Week 7 of no travel].  By the way, his forthrightness has earned him even more time with Gisele in the doghouse!  He also said cheap gas prices at the marina.  Priorities, right? [Insert eye roll here.]

  • I’ve had more time for me. I’ve been hitting the Peloton almost every day.  [Truthfully, I’ve also been hitting the wine every day, but that’s another point for another blog.] 

TORII FRIEDHEIM, Business Development Specialist


The three things I’ve noticed and hope will stick around are …

  • I love the notion that we are stronger together as a community than as individuals. Growing up an Air Force Brat, getting to know my neighbors seemed so silly and pointless to me. After all, before long, I’d be moving along again so … why bother? These days, I know everyone on my street, just from walking by every day when I walk the dog, or asking if they need anything before I run to the store for essentials.
  • I’m not exactly sure how to explain it, but I feel this immense sense of endurance. My office desk is right next to a window and I see the same woman running every day. I root her on silently and miss her on days she doesn’t run by. I want her to achieve all her goals. I want her to find the strength to keep this up after quarantine, and I want her to persevere the same way I want our country, economy, and industry to endure.
  • Making family a priority. I have always been super close to my family but, these days, I see more and more of my friends spending time with their parents or grandparents — talking on the phone, explaining how to Zoom call, or having dinner with them weekly. It’s so nice to see this on my social media feed!

AND FROM SOME OF OUR WONDERFUL CLIENTS …who shall remain anonymous.

It’s interesting to note that working from home was very popular.

  • Management’s realization that people CAN work from home and be efficient.  This will enable more balance between the office and home.
  • Watching regular Brian Kemp [Governor, State of Georgia] briefings with that awesome sign-language interpreter guy!
  • The gratitude we’re showing our essential workers instead of the love affairs we think we have with celebrities.
  • Lunches enjoyed on my deck instead of in front of the computer.  I have the best tan I’ve had in years!

KENNETH JONES, Managing Director

Like so many, I’ve been forced to slow down and, as a result, I’ve noticed some things I might’ve otherwise missed …

  • Working with my two young children on home projects and household chores. This takes me back to my childhood when my Dad would teach me to chop firewood, change the oil in the car, and many other simple lessons that have stayed with me my entire life. I truly feel it’s important to know how to do all these basic tasks [even though, due to time demands, we often pay someone else to do them for us]. In an odd way, it made me truly proud to see my 12-year-old daughter on her knees diligently scrubbing a toilet bowl.
  • Taking that extra 15 minutes in the early morning to walk the extra mile with the dog. I’m now actually looking up and noticing — for the first time in a long time — how absolutely beautiful the trees look against the morning sky. I also hear the birds singing in all their glory and I actually listen for minutes, not just a few seconds. The world gifts us temporary residency here and I will never again take that for granted. Look around and marvel at where we live!
  • All the puzzles created, the books read, and so many fun movies watched as a family. And, yes, there has been plenty of popcorn and s’mores for the kids. [Homeschooling … hmm,  maybe not so much.] It amazes me to witness 10-year-old Aidan and 12-year-old Ashlyn adapt and thrive when teachers and friends are absent.

Times are tough [I know, news flash!] but there’s goodness to be mined from the current madness. We encourage you take advantage of this temporary slow-down, look around, and appreciate those things we so often take for granted, overlook, or simply don’t slow down long enough or often enough to enjoy.

You just might crack open a 12-pack of smiles!

Torii, Julie, Kenneth