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General Session Production – Choosing the Right Supplier

There are a few things every event planner should know when it comes to producing a general session. One of those items being, when to use the venue’s audio visual equipment or a professional meeting production partner. To make this decision you will want to start by reviewing your objectives, budget, and timeline.


  • You’re on a Complete Meeting Package (CMP). Some hotel chains include an audio visual option in their CMP. If the equipment offered meets your needs, there is no reason to bring in a third party.
  • The venue has an exclusive production partner. An exclusive production partner means you are prohibited from bringing in outside vendors. *Most venues are willing to negotiate these terms.
  • You just need the basics. For example, your meeting requires a screen and a projector without any audio. Majority of hotels or conference centers should be able to provide you with the tools you need for this type of setup.


  • You need more than production. A professional meeting production partner will provide you with more than equipment and labor. They will ensure you put your best foot forward by taking the time to understand the end goal of your meeting. You will be able to look to them for help with learning objectives, agenda design, content development, speech writing, public speaking coaches, and guest speakers.
  • Experience and customization. Your knowledge on production equipment is limited and you want options to customize the experience. Hotel and conference center selections tend to be narrow and dated. A professional meeting production partner provides access to state of the art equipment and consults you on what options best fit your objectives.
  • You’re launching a new brand, logo, product, or policy. In this scenario, it’s vital you set the right tone. A professional meeting production partner will think about the marketing and business aspects of your event. They will include capabilities involving stage design, branding, video mapping, custom props, excitement building reveals, etc.
    • For example, we worked with a client who was launching their new branding and wanted employees to see and feel the difference. Video mapping was produced for day one to show the old logo transforming into the new one. On day two we added additional screens for a more dramatic effect. The third day was the grand finale, where we showcased a custom built replica of their product and utilized video mapping to display the new brand. Each day presented a new visual element to reinforce the main objective of the meeting.
  • You need a partner you can trust. Continuity is one of the best benefits of finding a meeting production partner you trust. It’s the reassurance you will be working with the same team regardless of your meeting being held in Las Vegas, London, or The Caribbean. A team you can count on and who knows the comfort preferences of each executive.

So there you have it… when to use the production equipment offered by a venue and when to bring in an outside partner.

Until next time!