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CES 2020: A Look At The Wacky And The “What’s To Come”! And Some Big News About A New Dynami Team Member

It’s that time of year again! The 2020 Consumer Electronics Show [CES] kicks off tomorrow and runs through Friday in Las Vegas giving us all a glimpse into tomorrow and beyond. Always a blend of the weird, wild and wacky along with products and services that will meaningfully shape our lives, CES never disappoints. Let’s take a look … 

Let’s start with some of this year’s more unusual offerings …

  • Waydoo Flyer Flying Surfboard — Why go to a gym when you can go “e-foiling”? Built on the concept of a combo foilboard/hydrofoil – half-surfboard and half-electric propulsion jet ski with a propeller below the water – the Waydoo Flyer has a wireless, Bluetooth hand-held controller for steering and toggling between five-speed settings up to 28 MPH. With a slip-resistant, textured surface and made of carbon-fiber construction, this super lightweight board features a 6,000-watt battery that lasts up to 75 minutes on a single charge.
  • A Smart Helmet? – A helmet for cyclists and e-scooter riders, Livall’s Helmetphone BH51M Neo offers increased rider visibility and hands-free connectivity. Experience greater peace-of-mind when night-riding, with front and rear LED brake lights activated by built-in gravity acceleration sensors. It also has wireless left and right turn signals. Other features include fall-detection alert, voice navigation, stereo speakers, one-click-to-answer, indicator signals, smart lighting, anti-loss alarm, auto-off, SOS alarm, walkie-talkie, and more.
  • Forpheus, the Ping-Pong-Playing Robot — Robots continue to gain in popularity, including Forpheus, designed by Japanese tech company Omron. Forpheus isn’t actually intended to help you polish up your backhand but to demonstrate the latest artificial intelligence, robotics, sensing and control technologies that Omron specializes in. But if you want to challenge Forpheus on the show floor, have at it!

Speaking of robots, up-and-coming Seattle company Picnic is experimenting with automation designed to disrupt traditional methods of food prep; showcasing a pizza-making robot that will actually serve hungry attendees at CES 2020.

After lunch, hook up with Walker, a robotic yogi from UBTECH that not only helps you find your inner bliss, it can push a small grocery cart, draw pictures and write characters.

And now for the “cat’s meow” …

  • Caremitou, the eHealth Cat House — Worried about your fat cat that wages war whenever you take it to the vet? Weary of collecting the dreaded cat, er whiz, for medical analysis? Caremitou to the rescue! A “connected litter box” from France-based NovandSat SAS, Caremitou weighs your cat, records how many times it visits the litter box daily, and even takes urine samples. Much of that is done via Bluetooth and a smartphone app but it’s the latter feature that has made Caremitou a curious and popular product entry.

It has two litter boxes — one green, one blue. When you need to obtain a urinary specimen for analysis by a vet, simply remove the green litter box and replace it with the blue. It will collect a urine sample, analyze it, and allow you to keep track of your cat’s various illnesses. The app even links with your vet for follow-ups and results. Caremitou has already won a CES 2020 Innovation Award.

CES 2020 By the Numbers …

As Sin City’s single largest convention, CES posts some impressive numbers:

  • 175,000+ attendees
  • 4,500+ exhibitors
  • 1,100 speakers
  • 300 educational sessions
  • 11 venues spread out over 10 square miles

Yep, it’s a really big show and one that keeps us aware of “tech-tonic” shifts in electronics, computing, transportation, health and fitness, and how innovation in technology has created one big tech ecosystem that touches virtually all aspects of our day-to-day lives.

As always, CES 2020 will serve up a tantalizing smorgasbord of fascinating gadgets and cool new stuff. But while some products are truly sneak peeks at what you can expect to see soon in stores and via online retailers, many others are akin to concept cars that are unveiled but never actually make it to market in present form.


Exciting News from dynami: Meet Victoria “Torii” Friedheim


In her role as Business Development Specialist, Torii [no, that’s not a misspelling] “finds the people who need us most then works hard to accommodate them in a unique and memorable way.” Her “edge” is being incredibly genuine and truthful and having a knack for selling a service that meets clients’ needs and expectations.

Prior to joining dynami group, Torii worked seven years at The Manor Golf & Country Club, an exclusive private club in suburban Atlanta; most recently as Captain of Servers after working as a Cart Staffer, Pro Shop Attendant, coach of the club’s swim team, and even a Beverage Cart Operator.

A self-proclaimed ”Air Force brat”, Torii was born in Japan [close to Torii Beach in Okinawa, hence the unique spelling of her nickname] and has lived in Austin, Chicago, Dayton and now Atlanta. She earned her degree in Communications with a focus on Public Relations from the University of North Georgia, and is a “Dog Mom” to Zeus, her beloved Rottweiler.

Welcome, Torii!


Kenneth Jones