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Meet Miranda Von Litolff, the Newest Member of the dynami Team!

In July, dynami welcomed Miranda Von Litolff to the team as our newest Event Coordinator. In her role, Miranda is responsible for managing event logistics; registration, including onsite; food & beverage design and management; proposal development, and housing management.

Before joining dynami, Miranda worked as an independent Events Contractor, assisting event planners globally.  Prior to her independent work, she managed the Bottle Cap Suite, a world-class, private-event space at the World of Coca-Cola, one of Atlanta’s premier tourist destinations and a popular venue for corporate programs of all types. At WOCC, Miranda planned daytime and evening events for internal Coca-Cola teams, company clients, and non-profit organizations.

Miranda has also been deeply involved with Meeting Professionals International, starting as an Audience Development Coordinator with PYM Live networking events throughout the United States.

“Worthy of Admiration”

In Latin, the name “Miranda” means “worthy of admiration” and we think that’s spot-on, given her natural curiosity and adventurous spirit. Here are 10 things from Miranda we thought we’d share with you:

  1. I absolutely love to travel and have lived abroad twice. In Cuenca, Ecuador, I taught English as a Foreign Language and cherish the experience of being immersed in a new culture and country. I also lived in London for a while, passing by Abbey Road nearly every day. I kid you not, I was once greeted by Sir Paul McCartney while strolling in a nearby park. How lucky am I?
  1. I got married earlier this year to my best friend and love of my life, Nicholas. Along with the wonderful benefits of a happy marriage, we have an easy-to-remember anniversary date: January 7, 2018 … 1718.
  1. My husband has turned me into a board-game aficionado. We enjoy hosting game nights where we play Scrabble, Paperback, Code Names, Concept, Monikers, or Funemployed.
  1. Both of us are very competitive and love trash-talking each other. (And for the record, I can trash-talk him into a corner in no time.)
  1. I like being adventurous when I travel. During my time in South America, I swam with pink river dolphins, piranhas, and alligators. (I actually petted a blind alligator on its head once — still very carefully, I might add.) On another occasion, after essentially signing my life away on waiver forms, I explored a silver mine in Bolivia; and have climbed a Via Ferrata (Italian for “iron cliff”, or “steep rock wall” for the rest of us) and ziplined in Peru. Life’s too short to do boring stuff.
  1. I lose track of time inside an art museum. I get immersed in the beautiful architecture, history and incredible art installations. See you at The High!
  1. I recently co-chaired the 2018 MPI Georgia Phoenix Awards, City of Stars, at the W Atlanta Midtown with an incredibly awesome Co-Chair, talented Committee members and supportive Sponsors.
  1. As you might deduce, I love the great outdoors, whether I’m sitting on the deck and sipping coffee or wine, or going for nature walks, camping, or hiking. Fresh air truly is good for the soul.
  1. I am definitely a foodie and enjoy trying out new restaurants and brunch spots. We are so blessed in Atlanta to have such a wonderful and amazing array of dining venues.
  1. I spend a lot of time with family and friends at barbeques and dinners, and just enjoy the warmth and spirit of a great gathering. It’s so much fun to share each other’s company, laughter and stories.
  1. My husband and I are members of an amazing church community, Trinity Anglican Mission, and are part of a very close-knit group.
  1. BONUS: I am so happy and proud to be a member of the incredible dynami team. And I look forward to meeting and working with each of you, too.


Meet Miranda Von Litolff, dynami’s new Meeting & Event Coordinator … a foodie who swims with piranhas, pets gators, and loves the challenge of a rock wall!

And now you know!

And we’re proud to have Miranda aboard and know you’ll enjoy working with her.