Like an impassioned team of richly talented architects immersed in a design charette, dynami professionals are industry thought leaders who strive to design, plan, and deliver a unique meeting staging experience that allows you to take full advantage of the limited time you have with your audience.

Meetings aren’t merely periodic gatherings of people. They’re rare and wonderful opportunities to seize the imagination of your audience, open their minds, and guide them through a meaningful, memorable, learning experience; a journey that educates, elevates, and effectively communicates precisely what they need to hear.

In the spirit of collaboration and co-creation, we listen lavishly to you so we fully “get” what you need to accomplish. We then create a unique program that transforms your:

meeting staging

cha·rette – noun. /SHe_b‘ret/

The intense effort put forth by a project design team, consisting of key stakeholders and experts gathered in a collaborative setting; creating and finalizing imaginative solutions to a given situational challenge in an allotted period of time.

Most commonly conducted by architects, urban planners, experiential designers, landscape architects, interior designers, and artists. – Origin: France

You have only so much time together. Make the most of it.